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My parents had different visions when it came to turning me from a girl into a women.

Dad insisted me to get my career going, while mum convinced I’d be fine being a housewife.
The one thing that they did agree on was for me to finish university as soon as possibly.
However, dad encourage me to follow my heart and study electrical engineering.
Mum voted for a “simpler” social study.

Myself? I didn’t have much of an opinion.
Both had its pros and cons.

So, I went ahead and finished my education at the agreed age.
At the same time, I could steal someone’s heart.
That didn’t happen.
So I did the next best thing and started a job.

I remember the first time I got my salary.
It was a glamerous number on my bankaccount and realised this was the richest I’ve ever been.
Time to spend it!

I decided to spend it on something I always wanted.
I went to a spa and did the whole package.
I felt the stress dissapear during the massage and I finally had those amazing looking hightlights in my hair.
Later, I met with a friend and we went for dinner in a luxirious restaurant, wearing my fancy new clothes.

Sure, by the end of the month, my bank account didn’t look so great, so there were a few days of slowing down.
But I knew it was going to be topped up soon enough.
Building up a saving  was not an ambition of mine.
(Which now, I regret just a tiny bit)

I spend money like a mad woman.
But it were my happiest years.
I took friends to exciting places, promising I would pay most of the trip.
I made sure my parents could enjoy a bit of this money too.
This was the moment I decide that money is the one thing that makes me the most happy.

With a life like this, I didn’t need a man.
Since I liked my job, my mum’s vision of becoming a house wife was long faded from my mind.
Work hard, Play hard was my motto.

Years went by and I saw people around me involving in relationships.
The amount of time they had for me became less and less.
I started realizing I wanted more too.

Luck was on my side when I met Jasper, who had the same vision as mine.
We are living a bit more expensive than the very basic basic I used to rent, but the income is more than double.
Neither of us had ever been without a job, so financial worries were never a topic for us.

UNTIL I quit my job out of the blue, a month ago.
I NEVER had put my mental health before the opportunity of making money.
I just dealt with the bullying at work and crying at home while searching for the next work place to be humiliated again.

It have been a couple of shitty years.
I was confident that my current job was going to be the prove that I can still deal with corporate life.
It wasn’t. It was yet another epic fail.

I had made threads before to my manager.
And he did the same to me about firing me.
I can’t remember one month when we didn’t have that “conversation”.
However, neither of us acted.
It became something we would say to each other instead of the usual “good morning”.
As you can see, this was a super healthy relationship.

But after being falsely accused for one time too many, I wrote my resignation on an unexpected Tuesday morning.
I felt strong and powerful for a second.
Then I realized I might be without my precious money for a while.

It’s not that I am irrereplaceable or super genious.
But I do have a paper which apparently is rare to find: an electrical engineering degree.
And that is exactly what is needed for this job.
Thanks dad for the encouragement!

While I shitting my underpants, so was the manager.
But we both played cool.

After a few days he days he  told me he had thought about it.
‘I am willing to give you the opportunity to works as a consultant for us’, he anounced.
It was hard not to role my eyes to the word opportunity.

But it has its advantages.
Being a consultant means I will only get called in when there is an actual training for me to teach.
I looked at the planning for the next 3 months and it seems like that I could teach pretty much 60%- 70% of the time.

So not much will  change, except for the BEST THING about this arrangement.
I will no longer have participate in team events or their fake engagement surveys!

‘I’ll think about it’, I tried to play hard to get.
We both knew I was going to place my signature on the contract, but not before Jasper, who is dealing with contracts in his job, has taken a good hard look at it.
I grinned when I saw him making the many notes on the 27 pages of the contract.

Maybe in this way, I can combine the visions of both mum and dad.
And potentially, even find some peace and happiness again.

Have you ever quit your job on the spot without having a future plan?

Have your parents tried to guide towards a certain career path?

Sorry for the long post – It’s not like me.
But I hope it was enjoyable! 🙂

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7 replies

  1. I was pleased to see a “longer” post from you.

    My parents always encouraged me to learn and be interested in everything. They wanted me to be able to hold a conversation with everyone. They have succeeded in that because I feel comfortable chatting with anyone regardless of their occupation.

    However, because my focus was so broad, I never developed a passion for anything specific. When I finished school, I was good at “everything,” but nothing in particular. My father will sometimes say that he regrets leaving my education (uni) options up to me. He wishes he could have dictated it because it might have led me somewhere other where I am not.

    Family drama aside, I am financially stable, because I’ve been working for a while. Never quit just like that as you did. I think it required a lot of courage. Kudos to you. I think I like feeling secure, so I keep on working.

    This has turned a bit into a rant/ head vomit, so I will wrap it up and get back to doing things.


    1. I was different than you! Very focused on a few topics, mediocre in the rest.

      I don’t encourage people to quit their job like I did. It might not turn out brave, but very problematic.
      But I have a financial buffer and I know that the company needs. For a few months at least.

      I am also going to look if I can do other consultant works. As long as they let me work from home.
      I can do all the boring work. Or considered boring work, like document writing and edditing. I like it.

      Let’s see. And if it works out for me, maybe one day you can try 🙂

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