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From 2300 to 100 followers

It’s not my first time owning a blog.
I know the key to gaining followers
I know you have to interact, engage, post regularly, reply to comments, write catchy titles, include pictures.
It’s not rocket science.
But it does require patience.

When I left my previous blog, I left it with 2300+ followers.
On a good day, 3% of those 2300 would actually respond to my post in the form of a like or comment.
You do the math 😉

Despite 3% not being an insanely high number, I felt that I could share my stories with a lot of people.
Even made some “friends” along the way.
For the first time I felt like I achieved something by myself from scratch.
I am not the “pride type”, but it did prove that with persistance things that seem impossible are in fact possible.

But then, life got in the way.
I left my old blog with a post about 1/3th of my hair breaking and falling off.
One my crown a pineapple of 1 cm sticked out.
It were absolutely horrific months. I thought I was going bald.
Making an appearance became difficult.
I even purchased a very expensive wig, which I never ended up wearing because I was scared it would damage my hair even more.

I always intented to delete my old blog.
I haven’t, yet.
If you would like to read my hair story, please go HERE.

I decided that if my hair could grow from scratch, so could my blog.
I wanted to leave my past behind. Start over.
See that the impossible is possible again after some patience and maintenance.

It’s been 10 months since my hair disaster occured.
But it’s to a reasonable length.
Now let’s see where my blog will be in 10 months.

Do you have the required patience with blogging?

Have you ever done something which required a lot of patience?
How tempted were you to give up?

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34 replies

  1. I remember aspiring to reach your numbers. I’m still not there, and you’ve been missing from the other blog for a year. LOL. Did you delete the other one completely, or just left it there? [Nvm, I kept reading this post and found out myself.]

    It is quite sad to see that the interaction rate is MUCH lower than the total number of your followers.

    An ending filled with so much hope. Wow. I think any blog of yours has potential. Have you thought about posting on your old blog and letting people know about THIS blog? I think it might bring more people over.

    I am a bit surprised that I’ve stuck with blogging for over 2 years. This past year, my blogging schedule has been rather intense. I CAN do it. I think next year I will relax this schedule a little, but am not sure yet how exactly. My stats are nowhere near other people’s. Even if I blog more often/ consistently and they don’t. Ultimately, I am proud of my own blog and I intend to keep it that way.

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    1. But you are getting there!
      A bit too slow, I don’t know why!

      I have thought about using my old blog to promote this one, but I can’t be bothered. I will get there again. I just have to maintain a certain pace.

      I hope you won’t relax your schedule, because I need your blogs in my life 😉
      As for me, I am bit less obsessed with number than last time.

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  2. That interaction rate is real, and a real bummer some times, LOL. Congrats on starting fresh- I’ve grown my hair back fresh before, and I’ve been growing my blog as well, after taking a long hiatus from what was never very serious blogging to begin with- now I’m giving it my all. I definitely relate to your struggle and story- and can’t wait to see you come back to an even better blog, with more interaction- that time away always makes you grow. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story!

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  3. I am just starting up and it has been harder than I thought, but ultimately I just want to get better at writing and see if I’m any good at it. It’s all about getting my work out there
    Good luck on the hair journey😊😊

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            1. Yeah, I did the same with my first book Zion that I published on my blog. It’s okay, but it’s got a lot of mistakes and painful scenes and isn’t very compatible with the rest of the Zion trilogy, so when I published it on Kindle I made lots of changes, but kept the original up on my blog as a reminder to myself of what not to do.


              1. That sounds really awesome and it is the same with me. I have also have a lot of things that I wrote but never finished but it is all to help me because I eventually want to a write a book of short stories
                I would love to read “zion” I will definitely check out your page

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                  1. I’m so happy to see this it is great motivation for me, because I’m working on a African mythology that is really a short story but I’m trying to branch out and see what I can or can’t write but talking to someone who is published makes me really happy congratulations and this is just the beginning!

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                    1. Cool. Keep experimenting. I don’t like to plan out my stories before I write them because I find with me it takes all the joy out of writing and seeing what I can come up with. That’s me personally, though.


                    2. Me either so I already started about a month ago without anything but a title and two names I think I have about 8 pages of it but school started so things got a little hectic but I’m determined to finish it
                      I do understand what you mean it’s like my series I let Jane tell me what to write not the other way around

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                    3. School? Are you a student or a teacher?
                      8 pages? That’s good – especially since you started with just a title and two names. I don’t start with a title, but with a small idea for a plot and then I just make it up as I go alone. What’s the title?


                    4. I once had to read about Greek and I think Roman poets for schoolwork, but I don’t recall Ovid being amongst them.
                      Greek and Roman mythology has always fascinated me. I will occasionally read it for inspiration for stories.


  4. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t have the patience. There were times around the beginning that I was tempted to give up when I wasn’t getting any attention, but I kept at it and now it’s starting to pay off.

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  5. Thanks for the follow! Coincidentally, I’m now going through a hair loss trauma similar to what you went through, except I’m not really sure what’s causing my hair to fall out! I haven’t dyed my hair for a year and my hair isn’t coming out in clumps but every time I wash my hair or run my hands through it, a ton of strands just come right off, even with the slightest amount of pressure! 😩

    My best guess is the antibiotic treatment that I’ve been for 12 months has finally zapped everything in my system 😞 This is the last month of medication so I’m looking forward to seeing if my hair strength returns or if I have to turn to supplements 🤞🏼

    Anyways, that might have been an overshare but just wanted to say that I can relate to that and also to the fact that I’m now returning to my blog after a year ☺️


    1. Oh no! Mine was definitely due to the cheap boxdyeing. So in the beginning it just snapped off, later I had what you had.
      The one thing that changed this for me was doing a protein treatment.
      If you want to do this, please do it at a salon.

      After that, and I can recommend to use the Redken Extreme shampoo.
      This is heaven in a blue bottle. It also has the protein qualities in it.

      However, I really hope that once you stop the medication things will go back to normal for you.
      It can cause so much stress seeing your hair falling out like that.

      Welcome back to the blog! It’s a very intelligent hobby so I can only encourage you to write 🙂
      And of course, thanks for the follow back!

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