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Children’s Poem: Royal-Tea

One of my happiest childhood memories is when my parents would read me something to fall asleep with.

I didn’t like stories much, but loved poems.

Here is my attempt for a Chrildren’s poem about a king names Royal-Tea 🙂

Did you like when your parents would read you a bedtime story?

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Me & my Skeptical Heart

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    1. Aww thanks!
      Jasper really likes the Royal-Tea drawing, so that’s why it’s extra special for me.
      Actually before we go to sleep, I always ask him to tell me a story. So he makes up funny stories in this type of rhyme.
      And after that, I turn on my audio book.

      So as an adult, I still like hearing stories before bed time 😉

      (Thanks for catching the mistake, I changed it now! )

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