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Bring out the Christmas decorations! I’m ready

Even though the temperatures haven’t dropped to extremely low, the constant wind does make it feel colder.
So I pulled my cosy wintercoat a bit tighter when walking down the shopping street.
To my surprise, I saw that they were busy putting up the big Christmas tree and iceskating ring in the city square.
Several decoration lights started appearing as well.
October hasn’t even ended, but already it feels quite “Christmassy”.

It used to make me mad how Santa has barely even left and the Easter Bunny was already making its way into our lives.
Plus, I was against the whole commercial perspective.
I mean, these days it feels like more people assosiate Christmas more with the big Coca Cola truck rather than the birth of Jesus.

Lately my mind has shifted a bit from this anger.

We are approaching the end of the year and I realized that yet AGAIN this year has turned out nothing like I had planned, worked and wished for.
Halloween is not a big thing in Europe, so honestly, there is nothing much special in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Even if you happen to be a sourpuss like myself, walking down the dark roads seeing lights, people drinking hot cocoa and even that annoying song from Wham! will give you a smile on your face.
And isn’t there anything better than a person who smiles genuinly?

And so what if you feel like listening to any other Christmas song in the middle of a hot July day?
Not everything has to seasonal per se.
While we are shopping for winter clothes, the fashion companies are preparing for the Summer collection.

And speaking of this, I, myself, have started preparing for Christmas cards.
They of course will be a little less conventional than the typical ones you will find in a store 😉

Which of these do you like more? 🙂

What do you think about the early start of pre-fun for Christmas?


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Me & my Skeptical Heart

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  1. I was wondering if the title was sarcastic, because I know how you felt about this last year. However, I am happy to hear that your outlook has slightly changed. Can it get a little over the top? For sure. Is there too much pressure on things that are not the most important? Yes. Does the real thing get lost in all that? Possibly. Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday. It hasn’t been as festive the past few years as it normally was, but I still enjoy it.

    Those Christmas bazaars can be a great place to hang out with friends, drink hot cocoa or mulled wine. It’s a bit of magic. Life doesn’t seem so bad when you’re immersed in all that. Plus, I find some of the lights beautiful.

    Honestly, I read the Valentino heart card and thought it was going to be a full quote. I laughed out loud when I realized it wasn’t. A perfect ending. It has a literal and metaphorical meaning. I like it. The mistletoe is fun, too. But I have to say that the first one is my favorite since it made me laugh.

    Here, the stores are all about Halloween. It seems like the costumes are becoming worse and worse every year. Then, we have Thanksgiving next month. And THEN Christmas. However, I saw “ugly” Christmas sweaters this weekend at the store.


  2. You are right!
    Christmas last year was a bit weird and no way near festive.
    We were in Berlin and everything was closed. We ended up eating a pizza in a trashy “restaurant” on Christmas eve.

    This year I will be doing it differently.
    We will be going to Bosnia where one part is catholic, one muslim and the other Orthodox. So at least two of the parts won’t be celebrating Christmas on the 24-26th of December 😉

    Ha yeah! I was thinking if I should write the whole sentence or just the drawing.
    I hope you recognized a mistletoe in the 2nd one. And I guess kissing under the mistletoe is more for new years.

    Ah Thanksgiving indeed. I need to design a doodle for that too!


  3. I also been a grump about Christmas in the past but I’m trying to just enjoy the winter holidays. Halloween is big (people are going even harder this year than usual) and thanksgiving is in November with my birthday, but I think I may decorate early too- I don’t see why you can’t have fun winters decorations out while you prep a turkey for thanksgiving – it makes it feel jolly. 🙂


  4. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. It’s the first one in five years that I’m home with my family. I’ve never been big on it but I feel a tad excited just thinking about it!

    Also, I love the second card! The angry mistletoe is just brilliant! (don’t quite get the first one😁)


    1. Yes! I totally feel the same. The pre-fun is sometimes nicer than the event itself.

      Ha thanks!
      As for the first card, it refers to the WHAM! song “last christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away”.
      It is so often on the radio, it drives me nuts, haha 😀

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