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Christmas is right around the corner!
And you might struggle with gifts.

Why not give a personalized item?

Are they a Skeptic by Heart? (like me)
A Supportive Cloud?
A Moody Mistletoe?
Or a Scared Cat?

Let their personality shine on a mug or pillow.

Below you see can see a sample of the already excisting doodles.
Which is your favorite?


Now, every purchase will be completely custom made:

You will decide Doodle. Do you want more Doodles on the item? No problem.

You will decide de background color.

If you want text on it, you will decide the font and color.

The items are two sided, so if you want the back and front side to be different, also no problem!

For some inspiration, please have a look on my doodle shop:

Mugs are 16 USD.

Pillows are 21 USD.

This price is included delivery costs!

The estimated delivery time is 8 business days.

If you decide to order, please let me know either via the comments or send an email. Then we can go over the specific whishes you have. I will send you pictures of the item so you know exactly what you will get 🙂

If you would like your own made up doodle, or a certain doodle with a different emotion, I’ll see if I can fix that too!

Thank you! And hapoy shopping!

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