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How do you promote your blog or business?

Yesterday was the first weekend the Christmas market was open.
The streets were crowded.
The shops took advantage of it by promoting all kinds of “good deals”.

Promotion can be done in several ways.
I have received countless emails from things I didn’t even know I was subscribed to.
Walls are filled with flashy posters.
But for some reason, shop owners think it’s a good idea to make youngster stand in the cold, handing out flyers.
Refusing seems a bit rude and in the end the piece of paper was useful for disposing chewing gum.
But most of them ended up as waste on the street.
Yet, the teenager kept on staying until closing time.

Persistency, assertiveness and consistrncy are essential when promoting your product, but to what extend?

If you’re an Apple user, you know that the device won’t end until it drives you mad and finally do that update which has been popping up, what feels like, every 2 second.
Does that make me frustrated with the product? Yes.
But once the half an hour update is done, I find comfort with it again.

I have found that many bloggers on WordPress have “chosen” this hobby because somewhere they hope this could mean their chance to freedom.
Freedom from the coorporate life.
That same old boring job, annoying colleages, traffic jams and no recognition.
There is always that small hope that someone likes your writing enough, they want to pay you for it.

This is also one of the reasons I started blogging.
With my first blog I had a solid 2000 followers and once even approached by a company to write an article for them.
In return, they would promote my blog on Twitter.
The fact that I still have a contract with a company indicates that I didn’t earn anything.

But I don’t want to give up yet.
Recently I started an online store.
Some of you know that I like to doodle, so why not try to sell them on items.
This whole “small business” took a bit of investment money, but surely I am going to earn it back, right?
Who knows, I might become the next Walt Disney or J.K. Rowling.

Promoting myself and my skills has never been my strength at job interviews.
It feels like bragging. Something I find repulsive in people.
And even with this dream of one day being able to live of my drawings, I have no plan on how to achieve it.
Should I hand out flyers? Make flashy posters? Send an email reminder to my friendlist every day? Subscribe to all possible social media?
Or just make a post to promote my store in a sneaky way?
I might as well 😉

Please visit my Doodle Shop:

Doodle Shop


Those are just samples.
Eventually you are the one who decides which Doodle you want, Background and text.
If you want another item, I am sure we can find something for that as well.
And you will have to pay only when you are completely happy with the design!

All Prices are including consultation, delivery and item.
There will be a Discount if you order more than one product.

Please consider 🙂

At the same time, if you would like to connect on Facebook, please leave your link in the comments or add me via:Andrea’s Facebook

Now back to the actual Topic of the blog!

Are you a small business owner?
Are you planning on publishing a book, online store or anything like that?

Do you have strategy on how to promote it?
Any tips?


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9 replies

  1. Unfortunately I dont have any tips… apart from interacting maybe, that’s the only thing I do.
    I’d love for myself and my writing to be well known in the future, but I still see it as a hobbies, and have plans to expand for the future… but its only be just over a year 🙂 x


  2. I am a returning customer. When ordering a product from you, I always feel heard. You ask questions, you listen, you give options. You take care of your customers, which I think is great. Your stuff is so versatile that it is bound to hit everyone’s happy spot. That reminds me – Can you have reviews on your shop’s page? Maybe that would help?

    I’d recommend spamming social media with your links and creating Pinterest. I never used it, but I think, from what others have told me, it could be beneficial for your store (posting images). And then maybe Instagram? You could share stories of you drawing the doodles.

    You know me – I’m stumbling in the dark here. I thought about adding a page to my blog that I am open to freelance and other things. I’m not sure how to go about it just yet. I definitely don’t want to turn my page into reviews. You bet your ass I will be spamming everywhere when my stuff gets published.


    1. Yes you are! And I am so thankful!

      Yeah, I like to do the full consultation before sending stuff. It’s still Money and I can imagine that People are a bit suspicious. Plus, the more People request, the more I can doodle and practice! It’s a win/win Situation 😀

      I have tried both Pintrest and Instagram, but both drove crazy with those crazy Hashtags. I don’t have the Patience for it. I’d rather not sell anything than deal with that, at this Moment at least.

      As for me, just send me the link to order.
      I don’t Need much convincing 😉

      However, if know someone who would be interested in the Doodle stuff, you can Always send them to my webshop. 😀

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  3. Cute mugs btw! Honestly I just use Pinterest to promote my blog. I find that it has helped immensely and it has helped immensely. Another suggestion would be to try to join as many blogging groups on Facebook as you can to promote yourself. Not only will you receive great tips but you will also get the chance to promote your post with a supportive audience!


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