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Are you a morning Person?

‘Aargh, is it time already?, he groaned, ‘I don’t want to get up’.
I, who layed wide awake next to him for an hour or so, sighed.
‘And I don’t want to stay in bed anymore.’
I couldn’t see it in the dark, but I suspected that he rolled his eyes, as well as rolled over to the other side one more time.
Finally, half an hour later he found the courage to get himself up.
15 minutes later he was in the car driving to work.
If only I needed that little time to maintain my appearance 😉

But that’s not the only reason that I am a so called “morning Person”.
I am not sure if you are Born or shaped that way.
My parents were Always early birds.
And if it wasn’t their words that encouraged me to make my day more efficient, it was the Sound of the vacuum cleaner or blender in the early morning.
For them it was normal Routine if I would join them cleaning or cooking as soon as the Clock hits 8 AM.

When I started drinking coffee, I woke up on Purpose to join them.
I enjoyed this moment of slowly starting the day with easy Topics.

When I grew older, work required me to wake up early.
And thus, I have hardly ever been able to Sleep in, even at the Weekend.

The first Motivation to get out of bed is coffee.
I don’t necesarily drink a lot of coffee, but in the morning it is essential or I’ll be spending the day with a headache.

It is also the Moment when I get the Chance to have some “me time”, which seems to be a rare occassion once you’re an adult.
After the first few sips of that delicious, black liquid, my brain boots up.

Now I could use this Energy to browse brainless YouTube Video’s, but I might as well save those for the after-lunch dip.
And thus, I spend my Mornings playing Chess, stretching, doodling or thinking About how to put my words in a blog.

Being a morning Person is rare, but many “experts” Claim it’s the key to success.
I can confirm that it is not true, not for me anyway 😉
But it does suit me and in fact, now already I am Looking for tomorrow morning.

So if you ever Need my help for something, I suggest you mail it to me at 6 AM.
That’s when I will be at the kitching table, drinking coffee and activating my brain.

Are you a morning person?
If yes, what do you like to do in the morning?
If no, would you like to become one?

Do you think you are born as a morning person or shaped?

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7 replies

  1. To me, morning people are like people who say autumn is their favorite season. We were clearly born on different planets.
    I’ve ghostwritten a lot of books by CEOs of fairly large companies and one thing that they all say is that you need to determine your own rhythm and play to it. If you’re most efficient and productive in the morning, get the most important work done then. If you’re not that way until the end of the day, wait until then. Save those times when you are dragging and lethargic as the times to answer emails, return calls and hold meetings. It makes a lot of sense.

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  2. Not a morning person at all.
    I think we are born that way, although we can help sway things a little.
    My parents were just like yours, but that didn’t turn me into an early bird. It made me hate mornings even more.
    The funny thing is that there were a few times in the past couple of weeks when my partner had to leave to work early and I was able to stay in later or have the day off. During those days, I found myself waking up with them and then STAYING up instead of going back to bed. I was just thinking about this the other day. It’s mind-boggling to me. Those mornings I would get my tea and write my blogs. Before I knew it, I was awake. While I cannot sustain this for 365days/ year, I might try and implement this every now and again. That way, maybe I can get more writing in.


    1. I Always of the opinion that we are shaped that way, but your story makes sense for think People are Born with it.

      Great to here that you have tried! I honestly think People should experience before saying it doesn’t suit them.
      Then again, Maybe I should try to Sleep a bit more.

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      1. I like how we can disagree on things, but acknowledge other person’s experience and point of view. It warms my heart. It gives me hope. I definitely learn a lot from you and try to see if what works for you can work for me.


  3. I am not a morning person, but everyone around me is.
    Because of work, I have to be a morning person but I rely on alarms, and lots of them.
    I’m a night owl. I hit 9pm and I’m wide awake and get another burst of energy until about 1am. Its frustrating and everyone jokes about it, but its annoying. I’ve worked full like for the last 11 years and have done shift work and tried to be a morning person but I’m just not wired that way x


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