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Have young activists gone too far?

After reading Goldie’s post Do we really need toys? Some people think they are Evil, I couldn’t help but eleborate more on this Topic.
Specifically, the kid that has been bothering me for a while.
Even more so, the People that are encouraging her.

You might have heard of Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old Swedish environmental activist.
She started off small, by Holding up a sign in front of the Swedish parliament.
This didn’t go unnoticed.
Soon others joined and before you have eaten your breakfast cereal, student strikes took place all over the world.

She proceeds with an EU speech.
First stating some environmental “facts”, which I am sure are straight from the one and only reliable source “the internet”.
Slowly, her voice becomes shaky, like she is about to cry.
People took this as a sign of how much she cared, but I honestly think it are just nerves.
Who wouldn’t be nervous with so many camera’s pointed at you??

In August 2019 she decided to expand in the USA.
She spend a 15 day journey in a 60ft (18m) yacht equipped with solar panels and underwater turbines.

The true fame came when she spoke out her speech at the UN.
Her message to the world Leaders was as follows:

“We are watching you….. You come to us young people for hope.
How dare you!!
You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.”

World Leaders had no other choice than to react on that.

Trump being Trump tweeted:
She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!

Seriously, that man needs to take a rapid Social Media break.

Vladimir Putin took another approach.
He praised her for paying attention to the world’s problems and he is willing to support youngsters who do the same.
But he continued with the following words:

“I may disappoint you, but I don’t share everyone’s enthusiasm about Greta Thunberg’s speech.
Nobody explained to Greta that the modern world is complicated.
People in Africa and in many Asian countries want to be as wealthy as people in Sweden.
How can it be done?
By making them use solar Energy, which is plentiful in Africa.
But has anyone explained the cost of it?…… We Need to be realistic here.”

Amen to that.
I couldn’t have put it better.
Although, I have read some statements that anything coming out of Putin’s mouth is automatically considered bad.
Some people only hear what they want to hear. 

Greta has been named one of the 100 most influencial people along with numerous other honors and Awards.
This became very clear when she appeared on Ellen.
With every breath she took, she received an Applause.

But she has also become a target in Social Media.
Unfortunately, People used her mental Health against her.
She became depressed at the age of 11 and was diagnosed with the Asperger Syndrome, OCD and selective mutism.
However, Greta herself, doesn’t view her Asperper’s as an illness, but more of a superpower.

This makes me sick to hear.
After 21 years of experiencing OCD torture nearly every day, I would never call this terrible illness my “superpower”.
It has destroyed my life more than it realizes.

I can conclude this post that I slightly envy her.
After 10 years in the coorporate world I haven’t achieved anything remotely to her.
Not even once been listened to about my suggestions to improve efficiency at the workplace.
And this child has half the internet, including world leaders talking about her.

Then again, I have never been openly blunt.
Is that the only way to be heard?

Have you heard about Greta Thunberg?
What do you think of her statements?
Is her childhood really stolen by the environmental crisis?

What do you think about Putin’s reaction to it?

Do you think your mental illness is your superpower?



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11 replies

  1. I actually like this Greta girl a lot. I mean, I agree with her message, but I really like her and her attitude. She’s an outcast, but decided that wasn’t going to hold her back from making a difference. Sometimes, when you’re a kid, you think you can take on the world and you’re right.

    I also like her outlook on her mental health. I totally get what she’s saying. In my early 20s, when I was untreated with my bipolar, I made a lot of stupid mistakes, hurt a lot of people and generally let the mania run me. It wasn’t until later on that I tamed it somewhat with the meds and was successfully running a magazine and film festival that I realized the mania gave me certain physical and mental advantages over others. Sure, it gave me a bunch of disadvantages, but once I learn how to channel my creative energy and take calculated risks, I felt like I could take on the world. It only crashed when I stopped taking the meds.

    I don’t think her childhood is stolen at all. If you’re comparing it to yours, maybe, but who should set the bar on what childhood is like? This girl may end up a world leader, a serial killer or being completely forgotten. I do appreciate the fact you admitted you slightly envy
    toward her. I do too. I remember having her bravery and willingness (perhaps being naive) to walk into any burning building. That has long passed.


    1. Well obviously she is correct, the environmental issues are critical. But all she does is blame the world Leaders and point fingers, but where is she with the solutions.
      Now this is not to be expected from someone so Young, but being just a populist is easy (if you dare).

      Well that’s exactly the point. The life of us, People with mental Health issues, are Pretty much going to depend on medication. I know I will.
      My dad was dependent on medication, but it did no good to his body nor his Memory.

      I do agree that People with mental Health issues are usually more empathic because “they know how it feels like”.

      Comparing mine and her childhood is not a good idea. I spend most of my youth escaping the war of former Yugoslavia and then seeing my Family dealing with the after effects.

      Yeah, I guess that Comes with age. And she will calm down too, I’m sure. Everyone becomes tired of the same old discussion, eventually. 🙂

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      1. Back in what must have been 1998 or 1999, I’d guess, I made contact with a teenage girl in Belgrade when the war was happening. Despite the city being bombed, she still had Internet access. I was able to interview her everyday for a couple of weeks for a series of articles I wrote for the newspaper I was working for.

        The Internet was still quite young, but that series got like 50 times the hits of anything we’d done, from all over the world. What was interesting was that she was very anti-Bill Clinton and not too fond of America either, but we kept printing the articles, which pissed some people off.

        Eventually, she stopped doing the interviews with me because the BBC came calling and they offered to pay her, so she started a War Diary with her. I won some awards for the articles, but the coolest part was that Japanese TV interviewed me for a story they did on her.

        I don’t know what happened to her, but I have a feeling she didn’t care much about climate change 🙂


  2. In terms of Asperger’s being her superpower, if that’s how she chooses to describe it, power to her, but that’s definitely not going to be representative of everyone’s experience.

    I think there are a lot of activists out there and only a very small number of them are lucky enough to get a platform on the world stage. Malala Yousafzi is another example that comes to mind, and while she isn’t blunt in the same way that Greta is, she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind,.

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    1. I don’t know what it’s like to have Asperger’s, but I don’t think I will ever be able to say my mental Health issues are a Blessing.
      But of Course if it suits her, that’s good for her.

      Malala is definitely more impressive to me. She did more than just point fingers, she showed actual bravery. I wish it wasn’t needed to show that kind of bravery however.

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  3. Oh, boy, Andrea. This one is definitely… interesting…

    Truthfully, if this wasn’t your post, I would not have clicked on it after seeing the featured image. My feelings against this one are very strong. I will try to keep this as clean as possible.

    First of all, I wonder, like I wrote in my post, who chooses the crisis agenda and the face of change. She is not the first or the only one to say things that she is saying. What makes her so special? What makes her so credible? What makes her persuasive? It actually is a simple psychological tactic. People respond better to kids and animals than other adults. We want to shelter and protect kids. Who would you help first: a kid, a woman, or a white man? I assume the kid would be the first pick for most people and the while man would probably be the last in today’s climate. So someone influential chose her to be their spokesperson. Do you enjoy being manipulated this way?

    Last time I applied for a job, I had to have qualifications. Heck, last time I went to collage, I had to have a high school diploma. Now, you can be an expert on everything at the tender age of 6.

    When I went to school, there was no way to get a day off unless you were dying. Today, kids spend more time protesting than studying. Who does this help? It helps the people who don’t want us to be educated. They only want us to be swayed by what we read on social media.

    There is so much HATE in her eyes, face and voice. Last time I checked, we were supposed to fight against that and stand united. I guess that only matters in chosen scenarios.

    How dare I? Eat your cereal and shut up. How dare you point fingers at me? No, I do not want anything from you, so get off my case.

    Trump’s sarcastic remark was truly golden, I thought. People say he ignites hatred, this time he tried to be supportive. LOL

    Putin definitely took the more diplomatic response. But I think that he is actually too reasonable for this girl. Obviously.

    Like you said, there are people who are blacklisted in a way and no matter what they say, it will be turned against them somehow. That’s the world we live in – shouts and blows below the belt instead of conversations.

    I actually had no idea about her “mental health issues”, but having now read about it, it makes things even worse. She got depressed at 8 because of climate change… Well, then good she became famous, because if she was to lead a regular life, she would have been permanently depressed with life in general. She stopped going to school because of how she felt and her parents kept her home and helped her and talked. Whose parents don’t have to work and can just stay with their kid at home? My parents would kick my ass and drag me to school if I wouldn’t go. Some kids really are “privileged.”

    Have you noticed the trend of all the celebrities dealing with all sorts of issues? They turn them into songs and books and become activists. They say how it helps them and makes them special. Is it true? Maybe sometimes. But what’s true for all of the cases is that it’s something that makes you more relatable. People will feel closer to you. Some will feel bad for you. They will admire you. What does all that mean? Opportunity for more money.

    Being openly blunt is not enough. You have to be seen by the right people at the right time at the right place. And then, you need to sell your soul. If you have one.

    Yes, I think her childhood is stolen. However, it is on her own accord, so I do not feel bad for her. Plus, she gets to skip school, travel the world and have adults listen to her. Sounds like something any kid would want. If she plays it well, she can ensure a bright future for herself. She would be able to be a child for all her life.

    A superpower mental illness. I do think that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. While I see some benefits, I see a lot more negatives. It depends on what you struggle with, what the degree of severity is and your environment.


    1. Ha well, luckily IT IS me then. I was Looking forward to see your opinion 😉

      Who chooses the face of Change? Very interesting Question.
      The fact that she is a child, with mental Health issues, and a very expressive face does help.
      But indeed, all she does is point fingers.
      Where are the solutions?
      So far I can see is that she turned vegan and gave up flying.
      Well, I haven’t even been on a plane at the age of 16, nor my parents owned a car.

      You should see her Twitter page.
      You’ll see plenty of Picture of her and her Family on that boat. And guess what, she actually can smile.
      I’d be smiling too if I could do all of that.

      The anger and so called emotions, I think it’s all an act. I am only guessing she is starting to enjoy the fame.

      Ha. “She would have become depressed with life in general”.
      Briliant and so true.
      It only means that she has not gained enough life experience and that is completely fine for a 16 year old. But then moan About it.
      What About finishing your education and then contribute to the society?

      I don’t About Asperger’s, but I can speak for the OCD. There are absolutely no positives for that illness. It controls your life to such a huge extend.
      So if she is planning to promote this as something wonderful and encourages others to develop OCD, then I am giving up on society.

      THAT’S IT. I am starting Twitter.
      Maybe this is the way actually make something of my life.
      Please follow me back 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t check Twitter all that often, but once I log on, I will definitely follow you 😉 I’m curious to see what will happen. You just might become famous. Or become more angry/sad about society…


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