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Do we need a dislike and block button and options on Social Media?

The internet is full of supporters, as well as, so called, haters and trolls.

One way to avoid them is simply to stay away from any kind of interaction platforms.
Jasper is one of those rare people.
In his 36 years of existance he has not once clicked on any kind of “like” button.
Not once I have seen him scrolling down to the comment section on YouTube.
The only reason why he once made an Instagram account was to look at videos of cute dogs running around.

Another way to avoid trolls is to read their comments, shrug your shoulders and go on with your life.
If you’re anything like me, you will notice that this is physically nor mentally possible.
(Of course it is, but you get what I mean).
When I see someone saying something so dumb or unworthy, I feel this aching desire to correct them or tell them “what it’s really like”.

And finally, the last way to avoid haters is for Social Media platforms to implement a “block” function.
And most platforms actually do have that function.

When I got introduced to the concept of keeping toxic people away, I have been able to block people without too much thought.
Both online and in person.
I simply cannot pretend to be friendly to everyone.
Neither I want to be unfriendly.
So, my strategy is to avoid.

WordPress has decided to have a half functioning blocking method.
You can actually block people so they cannot comment on your content, but you will still be able to see their site.
Including the comments they post on other people’s posts.
So it doesn’t necesarily solve the problem for someone like me.

A concept that I have seen on Reddit, is the up and down vote.
Meaning, you can like someone’s content, but you can also dislike it.
This caused so many negative feelings within me, it took me one day to quit it.
Some people might just click the thumbs down button for the sake of it.
Because writing something in respectable language is too much effort.
And we don’t want them to sweat.

Now, I am not a saint either.
I have had my fair share of anger outbursts on the internet.
But by using the block function I have been able to avoid making someone’s day terrible.

Of course, there is always the option to unblock and tell that person what a sack of wine they really are.
But finding that unblock button is too much effort.
And I don’t want to sweat either  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you ever blocked someone?

How do you react to trolls/haters on the internet?

What do you think of dislike/down vote options?


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14 replies

  1. I’m not a fan of the dislike idea. The only exception is on question & answer sites like Quora, because I think it’s helpful if people can downvote inaccurate answers.

    I’m very selective about who I follow because I want my online experience to make me feel bad, so I’m pretty quick to unfollow or block people that agitate me.


  2. Jasper sounds like a smart guy. I try to keep my social media footprint to a minimum. WordPress is the only major platform that I use. On Twitter I just try to stay among the writer’s community, which is pretty calm.

    If someone says something that prompts a reaction in me, I like to respond. There was a time when I knew that me responding would lead to an even bigger fight, but I enjoyed it. Not because of the negativity, but because of the mental stimulation. To me, if someone claimed that 2+1 is 4, I could not sit there quietly and not say that they were wrong. Unfortunately, I find it increasingly harder to communicate with people who make up their minds and refuse to acknowledge anything. They hear “I disagree” and that is it. My WP blog is a place which I want to keep somewhat… professional. It’s a place where I do want to start discussion, but it’s a place where I like to keep things tame. No flame wars. No politics, etc. It’s a creative outlet, not a venting space. Although, I know that the line between these two gets blurred sometimes.

    You can actually block someone from commenting on your posts? I had no idea. (Can you tell me how to do it? Not that I plan on using it, but I’m curious) I thought you can just block them so you don’t see their posts, etc. But I understand that it can be frustrating for you to see your blocked people commenting on others. It definitely can be triggering.

    The up/down votes. I thought it would be interesting, so I had it implemented on the comments for my posts. No one used it. I think that people either “Like” the comment or not and they move on. Why would you hit like AND vote up? It seem like double the work. And people are scared about voting down, which I kind of understand here on WP. So I deleted that option. I wonder how much my comments would be down voted because someone disagrees with me or is not my fan.

    I do not block people, because I am simply too curious what else they have to say. It can be very entertaining at times and it can become great writing material. Most of the time, if I don’t engage, I just ignore. Haters/trolls online don’t really get to me. If I cannot slap the dumbness out of them, I leave them be. Natural selection will take its course.


    1. I find his personality fascinating. He sure is one of kind.

      I also believe in mental stimulation, but sometimes it just leads to anger. And then it;s better to stop interacting.

      As for Blocking someone, go to you READER and click on the 3 dots of the person you want to block and then there will be an option “block this website”.
      Now you know, if you ever Need it ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I think I saw that, but didn’t know that would actually block them from your site. I was told you cannot block someone from liking your posts. Does blocking them that way block their likes, too? Or just comments?


  3. Big fan of the block button. I have a nice list of things that will make me block, but the reason is the same- It’s a great big internet out there, why would I tolerate people who suck? I deal with them enough in the real world, when unable to avoid, so, I block. It’s a huge world out there, why waste a single moment of my time dealing with people who don’t make me happy? That’s just silly. All this being said, I don’t think we need the dislike button…it literally only seems to serve to hurt a creative persons feelings. If they are a bad person, they can get blocked, but a bad person can abuse a dislike button, as they do on Reddit, so…I am pro blocking, anti dislike buttons. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great blog!

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