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What is the moral thing to do?

A little over a year ago, Jasper and I packed our bags and started a new life in Denmark.
If you have ever moved yourself, you will know that it will shift your finances a bit.
You can multiply that amount by two, when moving abroad.

Denmark, in general, is an expensive country.
Luckily, the much cheaper, Germany is just a 1.5 hour drive away.
And thus, we spent our weekends buying all kinds house appliances over there.

We were just about to walk into the shopping mall, when we were pushed away by a man and a cop running after him.
“Why go through the trouble of stealing something”, Jasper rolled his eyes.
“If he would just find a job, he could probably afford it”, I agreed.

When the circus was over, we went into a store.
Besides all the things we needed, we also find some cute things we just couldn’t leave behind.
“Don’t even tell how much the total cost is”. I smiled a painful smile.
But of course I was there at the cash desk to collect our stuff.

To my surprise the amount turned out way less than expected.
I frowned.
Maybe there was some sort of huge discount we didn’t know about, but I highly doubted it.
Without saying anything to each other, we were thinking the same.
Let’s just walk out and see if the alarm goes off.

It didn’t.
We kept on walking.
Out of the shop.
Straight to the car.

I checked the receipt and like suspected, the cashier forgot about the 50 euro pasta machine.
“Should we just accept this little present the universe has given us?”, I asked.
Jasper gave an uncomfortable nod.

Many thoughts went through my head as we drove back home.
Would the young girl behind the cash desk get punished for her mistake?
Maybe she would lose her job over this.
But then again, with that full face of make up, she didn’t look like she had to support her entire family.
Besides, is it my fault that the owner doesn’t want to invest in more competent staff or even an alarm system?

What would you have done in this situation?

I have to acknowledge that in many of my posts, I show myself  as “the victim”.
I am not seeking for attention, but I just need to get out of my system.
And this exactly one of the purposes of blogging.

I also see many blogs where people share the compliments they get or the amount of self love they feel.
Sharing positivity is another purpose of blogging.

However, in this blog, I choose to share a more ugly, or less moral, side of myself.
I do feel vulnerable, so go easy on me 😉

Have you ever considered showing the less pretty side of yourself in your blog?


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12 replies

  1. Chances are that I would go back if I felt like I got overcharged. Undercharged? Probably not. But then again it’s because I don’t think it would ever happen to me. Consider yourself lucky. I wonder the cashier overlooked this…
    (P.S. I remember this story! I winder if the responses will be the same as before.)


    1. Yes! I think I wrote it when you were on your blog break. Not sure if you ever commented on it. We had discussed it though.

      My dad once went back for 10 cents! He felt so bad for the young cashier and he was really scared she would be in trouble.
      Thinking about it makes me cry. I am not as kind hearted as he is.

      I really hope it won’t be the same kind of responses as last time. It took me a lot of patience to stay friendly to those people.

      The reason why I re/wrote this blog btw, is because of what I described in the email.

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      1. The truth of the matter is that I don’t pay as much attention to prices and receipts as some of my older family members. They would know the exact price of every single item, then add it up in their heads before they got to the register and so they would know if anything wasn’t done correctly. I just guesstimate mostly.


  2. I have gone back in the past, but try to do so straight away and deal with the same salesperson to correct as my fear is always that the poor salesperson will get in more trouble if I highlight the error with someone else.


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