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Do we need all these body positivity influencers?

Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

I have been against it for the longest time.
It was only for Hollywood stars who wanted to show off how wrinkle and maintenance free they look, even without make up.

It is insane how often the internet refers to Kylie Jenner as “natural beauty”.
This another one of those occasions where I want to shout “Are you for real?!“.
How gullible does the media think we are?!

The first time I experienced plastic surgery to someone close to me, was when my friend announced that she wanted a breast surgery in order to achieve a cup D.

What is your initial reaction to this?

Some of you might think “Girl, just be happy what your momma gave ya. Men don’t like fake boobs anyhow”.
I guess it could be my reaction.
However, she didn’t intent to enlarge them.
The poor girl was struggling with backaches due to her cup G!
Not to mention how rare and more expensive larger bra’s are.

I thought it was a brave and amazing step she took a the age of 20, but then she started this whole “body positivity” campaign around it.

Body positivity.

One of those terms I never had any affirmation with.
Or perhaps I don’t understand it.
Why do you need to promote positivity for something that everyone owns?

Whenever the media shows an overweight woman, the reaction always seem to go towards the extremes.

Either she is announced as fat and ugly.
Or she is a sexy, curvy “Queen”.

I find both statements hard to digest.
Calling someone ugly has always been against my standards.

But also, let’s not overuse the term “curvy”.
Nobody needs to be stick thin (I am far from it) , but these days it seems like obesity is promoted.
And let’s be real, it’s not healthy.

Then there are some body positivity influencers, that are probably skinnier than the average person, who claim to be called “fat” a lot.
I find this hard to believe.

I mean, yes, if you decide to start an internet career, there is a high chance that you will be criticized.
It’s not something anyone justifies.
Yet, we all do it.
Consciously or Unconsciously.
Spoken or Unspoken.

But you always have the option to avoid this kind of Insta-famous life and do the regular 9 to 5 job.
This will not make all the comments disappear, but you probably won’t have 1 million followers. So definitely less.

I have had my fair share of criticism.
Nothing that I hadn’t figured out myself, so their views are completely useless and annoying.

I actually do know that I look angry, tired or bored.
It took me a while, but I finally found out why this is.
First thing noticeable are the gigantic balloons under my eyes.
On top of that, I have a sagging eyelid on my right side.
And I’ll be honest, I have been googling remedies.
Botox is the first option. Although I am scared of needles, I am almost considering it.
But natural remedies say that putting eggwhite on your eyelid should also do the trick.
I guess we’re eating eggs tonight.

If anyone has issues with sagging eyelids, I’d be more than happy to hear your advice!

Have you ever done or considered plastic surgery?
Would you in the future?

What do you think about all these body positivity influencers? Is it too much?





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Me & my Skeptical Heart

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  1. Over the weekend, I scanned through an article about a male who wears XXXXL (Yes, 4 Xs) clothes. I have to admit that I didn’t read it thoroughly because I was slightly appalled. Why? Because the article glorified his “fatness.” The guy complained about how he had to spend more money on his bigger clothes than people who are smaller. To him, it was discrimination and “fat tax.” To me it’s simple math. You use more material, it takes longer to stitch together, etc. Of course it’s going to cost more. Supposedly some fashion companies “noticed” him and he is now a rising model. Or something like that. I almost wrote about it, but in the end decided against it. I already wrote about glorifying fat people before.

    Plastic surgery… I think the reconstructive part can be very helpful. (Ex.: face transplant) But that leads to many complex psychological issues.

    I know enough about plastic surgery to know that there are a lot of risks associated with those procedures. Moreover, nothing will help you if you’re doing this for the wrong reasons. Your body will never be perfect if you don’t have the right outlook.


    1. The word “fatness” made me laugh. Is it an actual word?
      So fat tax is something you have to pay in the US when overweight. It has (not yet) started here. But I wonder how fair it is.
      What if someone just has a lot of muscles that weigh a lot?

      But less, glorifying an unhealthy life style is just terrible.

      I guess plastic surgery is addictive.
      I’d say I am only unhappy about this sagging eyelid. But maybe I’d discover more that “needs” fixing.
      One thing I’d never do is these stupid lip fillers. It seems to be a trend. It looks like one is stung by a bee.
      But still none of them beat Jasper. He has very full lips naturally πŸ˜€

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      1. Yes, it’s a word.
        Well, fat tax in that case is not a real thing. That’s how this XXXXL “model” argued about it because he cannot find clothes at a regular store. It’s like anything else that is not mainstream. Super tall people cannot shop at a regular store either. It’s not because people hate them for being tall, but because there’s not that much demand and it wouldn’t be profitable. It’s hard to get muscles to be so big that you need XXXXL clothes. I’ve seen XXL pop up regularly now, though.

        I thought fillers and Botox are for older (well, not young) people and mainly the US. I was surprised to hear and see all those girls that are in their 20s using all that.


  2. I feel like if people want to have plastic surgery more power to them. I personally don’t want to subject myself to any more needles, surgeries, doctors and hospitals than I absolutely have to. The less my body gets punctured and sawed into the better. I will accept myself the way I am to avoid all that πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve considered plastic surgery. Technically, I’ve gotten some “work done” already. I had a keloid scar surgically removed from my arm and replaced with a much neater-looking scar that healed properly. But there was a time that I actually saved up enough money for breast implants even though I could hardly afford my rent! Glad I never did it, but no judgement for those who do. I just think that people who get plastic surgery should be open and honest about it. It’s a personal choice.


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