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Are you still searching for a Valentine’s gift? ;)

As much as I think Valentine’s Day has become too commercial, we all secretly like getting something small and personal from a loved one.

If you’re searching for a unique present, what about a mug?

I have created a bunch of doodles which you can have a look HERE.
But these are the ones that I created in the Valentine’s Day theme.


Mugs cost 15 USD, including shipping time (8 workdays).

As always, you are in charge of the design (background colour, doodle, text, font).
You will only have to pay after you are completely satisfied.
If after a couple reviews you are not happy, no hard feelings 🙂

If you like another product, anything from pillows, cards, blankets, t/shirts, hoodies, I will make a custom price.
I try to maintain prices as low as possible!

If you would like to order, send me an email on: or let me know in the comments.
Otherwise, let me know which Doodle is your favorite 🙂


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