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The signs were there. I just choose to ignore them.

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I wish I got a sign”.
From God or the universe.
The stranger on the bus, who randomly starts talking to you.
A memory.
A lightning strike from the clear sky.

9 out of 10 times, this is unlikely to happen.
There are other signs though.
But more often than not, we simply choose to ignore them.
Maybe out of desperation.
Or you think, or others tell you, that you might be overreacting.
And you just hope that this was just one of those moments and next time things surely will be better.

You’d think I’d learn from mistakes while job hunting, but I seem to be ignoring the vital signs over and over again.
And how many signs there were for my most recent job.

When I saw the vacancy, I knew that this was the job I was searching for.
I had done a similar job before and it made me feel like a fish in the water.

Not too long after I applied, I got a vague email with an invitation to a Personality and an IQ test.
I hate those, but these days every company uses it.
I figured I might as well get over with it as soon as possible.

For 3 months there was a radio silence, despite my several emails asking for an update.
Then on one fine day I got an invite for a Skype call to discuss the results of those tests.

One week later, the manager showed me the results and I had to explain my answers in a 2.5 hour call.
Honestly, 3 months ago I was in a different mood and therefore No, I don’t recognize myself in the profile he presented me with it.
But I could hardly say that.
So I bluffed my way through it.

With success because I was invited to a face to face interview.
They didn’t offer to refund the flight and hotel and I was too afraid to ask.
I survived another 2 hour interrogation.
And finally I was told that the manager would like me to do one final skype call with one of the team leads.

This was actually someone I worked with a few years ago.
I remember him being a typical “Alfa man” with a personality that shows little empathy.
Also, whether that was because of his below average English knowledge or that personality, I thought he lacked communication skills.
But he wasn’t a bad person.
Besides, we are both 7 years older.

I waited for that invitation from him, but nothing came.
So I send an email asking if he could invite when it was most suitable for him.
In the middle of the night, I noticed an email notification.
One single sentence was showed:

“Are you Andrea, or are you crazy”.

I panicked and cried.
After investing all that time, patience and money, they surely didn’t mean this as some sort of practical joke?

2 days later, I got the invitation for a skype call.
To my big relief, it was just a very casual chat.
This made me decide to sign the contract, completely ignoring my gut feeling.

The first few months at the job, it became very clear to me that they hadn’t made any plan for me whatsoever.
I did ask for it, but they told me they had more of a “go with the flow approach”.
This mindset doesn’t suit me one bit, but hey, who am I to judge.

After that, things got worse.
I got falsely accused, yelled at and ignored.
Despite my red eyes, clearly indicating that I have spend my time crying in the bathroom, not any of the colleagues asked as much as if I was doing alright.

After a little more than a year, I wrote my resignation letter with the promise to finish the month.
This letter was ignored, although verbally very briefly discussed, until yesterday.
Yesterday my manager stated that the company has decided to break the contract with me.

If they didn’t owe me one last pay, I would have send this:



Have you ever indicated the clear signs upon taking a job?
What were they?

Did you choose to ignore them?




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12 replies

  1. I’m sad about this.
    If they break the contract with you, can you get compensation? In so sorry this happened to you.
    Sending hugs and peace…
    Love, light and glitter


    1. Nah, it’s just their version of the story.
      God forbid that someone would even consider to leave their holy kingdom.
      But honestly, what I have seen, if one person actually stands up for themselves and leaves, some others who have been treated badly might follow.
      Thanks for the support though! It makes me smile!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like those teenage relationships. “I’m breaking up with you.” “No, I am breaking up with you.” “No, I said it first.” “I thought it first.” etc. That’s what they are trying to do. It’s pathetic.

    When it comes to signs in general, I think I’m somewhat in tune with them. Sometimes I don’t know what they’re supposed to me, though. LOL. When it comes to work… if I was to be honest, I would probably not have a job until now. There are always signs early on. Yes, I choose to ignore them. It pushes me to open myself up and learn more. But it also makes being miserable inevitable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both sides have been behaving immature. And I don’t even mean my crying, because I can’t seem to stop that.
      But, I was behaving childish at one point too.
      Anyhow, today I will send them the last invoice and when they pay, it’s done deal 😀

      Hmm I see.
      If you look at the early signs that I described, before I even got the job. Would you have taken it?
      (Keep in mind that your previous job paid more, you got a company, it was a management position and there were only two people you couldn’t stand. BUT the country made you deeply unhappy. As in, OCD so severe that you couldn’t really leave the house expect for work)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When it comes to new “opportunities,” we weight the pros and cons. The last job I left paid more and I was in a situation in which there was no one I had open animosity with. I grew to dislike the city/state. So that’s a pretty similar situation to yours. We always jump onto something new because it might be better than what you have. Yes, I probably would have taken it just like you did because it gave you a glimmer of hope. A spark is better than complete darkness. The darkness will not get brighter. A spark can. Or it can lead to darkness, in the worst case scenario. But you have to take the risk. That’s how I look at it.


  3. Glad you got out of the situation. I think we ignore job related signs because most cultures enforce the idea that you should just be grateful you have a job and it’s just your lot in life so put up with it. I hope you’ll find a better place. It took me most of my life to find a decent job, and it’s just an internship so I have only a year left and then I fear what will happen. 😀 It does give me hope, though. There are decent places out there.


  4. We often take jobs for financial reasons, I was lucky to get some good contracts as I freelanced. I had walked out of a couple due to being bullied by my team leader and they were women in each case. I was very skilled in my work and knew many staff in the large company with whom I had a good rapport this unnerved the manager. I was not there to compete I just wanted to work.

    I found it strange you handed in your notice and then they counter reacted by finishing your contract. I also will not take jobs where you have to undertake those ridiculous tests which prove nothing, all it says to me is the people looking for staff do not know how to chose them. This is a big sign for me they are not very human.

    Take care and try to follow the signs.


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