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No place like home, until someone else interferes….

As a young girl I watched my mum in admiration how she took care of the house.

The way she would carefully place the new China on the coffee table, but only when we had visitors.
How she would decorate the house to match the respective holiday  or season.
How she would turn on the radio during breakfast so that we stayed up to date with the news.
And in a time without smart phones, she would always make sure that there were  gossip magazines on the toilet if you unexpectedly needed to spend more time than originally forecasted.

I couldn’t wait to have a place of my own and copy my mum’s style.
But of course, I grew up to be that person.
That one who prefers everything different.
And this enhanced my fear of showing others a part of “who I really am”.

Don’t worry.
It’s not a case of  “Don’t open that closet, that’s where the bodies are hidden πŸ˜‰

It was during a hot summer evening that a colleague and his friend were invited for a dinner.
It would be the first time they would see our place.
For whatever reason, this always makes me nervous.
So I tucked away the things that most others probably don’t have in their house.
I just hoped they wouldn’t request a grand tour of the place, because otherwise they might discover “my corner of cuteness”.


I wasn’t surprised, but slightly annoyed to hear that it seems so empty.
“Do you guys even life here?“, he joked, “and where is the sunlight? You’re not depressed, are you?”
Without asking, he opened the curtains.
I smiled, trying to contain my anger. 

I prepared from scratch made pasta, which for 4 people is quite some work.
However, the first comment, when I put the dinner on the table, was “If this would be my mama’s house, there would definitely be a salad and some bread”.
Got the hint.
And I stood up to chop some tomatoes and serve the bread I was planning for tomorrow.

With the final comment that I should “just chill” and not clean so much, I decided that this was the last time I was going to invite someone over.
We can simply meet at a restaurant.

I am not ashamed of who I am, but the comments about me being weird bore me.

I can put up an act at work and other public places, but as soon I close my apartment door, I am going to be a clean freak who likes to keep the place as minimalistic as possible.
And yes, the curtains will remain close the entire day, because neither me or Jasper are keen on sunlight.

And this is also the reason why I avoid visiting other people’s places.
I am almost certain things will not be “up to my standards” and there is no need to frustrate others or myself with that.

If you can’t be yourself at home, then where can you?
(And yes, that does include my corner of cuteness πŸ˜‰ )


What are some of the household traditions you copied from your parents?

Do you like to invite others over or visiting others?

If you have “oddities”, do you adapt to a standard of “normal” just for that visit?


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Me & my Skeptical Heart

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  1. As I read the opening paragraph, I thought of my own childhood. Like you – I do nothing of the sorts.

    Your “corner of cuteness” makes me smile. Mission accomplished. I always hope for no “tours,” but I know better. Somehow, my bed gets a few inches taller, because I toss things onto it and then cover it up.

    Yes, people do comment on my minimalism. Go away. OK?

    Salad and bread? What was this comment supposed to achieve? Weird.

    When it comes to clean up though, I do consider it something that should be done after the guests leave. Otherwise, it stresses them out. Yes, I do know that it sucks for the host because they have to prepare, entertain and then clean up once you’re gone. Again – that’s why I don’t like people at my place.

    No sunlight here, either. I’m surprised to hear that someone else is the same. I might even consider hosting you one day.


    1. Well, maybe those thing happen when you’re a parent. When I was in primary school, we made so made things according to the seasonal theme. My mum had no choice but to put my pride and joy as a centre piece at the kitchen table πŸ˜‰

      Hearing this, I think I could invite you over as well. You already like Mike and as you know, he is a diva who is the hardest to convince πŸ˜‰

      I don’t know if you see the Panda’s in the bottom left picture. Jasper bought them for me after I got back from a business trip and I think they are so cute. But they are also very uncomfortable to wear, so I just put the bunny and one of the sharks in πŸ˜€

      You might actually be right about the cleaning part. It could make the guests uncomfortable, but then again, Jasper was there to entertain them.
      Besides, these days, hardly anyone would mind to spend 10 minutes on the smart phone while I make sure all is clean.

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