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Do you spend more time on collecting motivation rather than performing the actual act?

I can’t remember why exactly I decided to sign up to the gym that rainy, dull evening.

It might have been the audio book I was listening to about a woman wanting to take revenge on her cheating husband by transforming herself into a fit goddess.
It might have been the new songlist I created with upbeat songs that made me feel like dancing.
It might have been the article I read that regular exercise contributes to glowing skin.
Or it might have been me looking at an old picture of myself in a time where working out was part of my daily routine.

I didn’t have a target. Or a plan. Or any sports clothes.
The gym turned out be in convenient 2 minute walking distance from my home and right above an H&M.

We are now 2 weeks away from the moment that I payed for a gym membership and so far have done a workout every work day.
Despite it not being easy, I felt really good after an hour in the gym.
In fact, I couldn’t wait till the next day to feel that energetic again!
So far, so good.

Until today.
I wasn’t moody or tired.
Not more than usual anyway 😉
I just didn’t have the motivation.


What is the constant obsession with feeling motivated?
If you’re a regular on Instagram or Pinterest, you will find millions of collection with useless advice, motivational quotes and before and after pictures.
Some people put an entire mood board in their home.
“So you can visualize on what you want to achieve”, they claim.

In fact, this morning I was searching for benefits of a daily workout.
I thought how I can treat myself to chocolate after that hour.
Really? First I burn those 500kcal and then I eat them? Silly me. 
I even unnecessarily started rearranging my closet.
Anything to postpone going to the gym.

I got annoyed with myself.
This is very unlike me.

In general I am someone who likes to be efficient.
I hardly ever postpone.
Even when I have to do something I really hate, I don’t allow myself time to think about it.
If I don’t do that, I can be an overthinker.

Actually, each time before I step into the gym, I feel a bit nervous.
What if I see someone I know?
What if someone makes a comment about my less than perfect shape?
What if I look horrible when sweat is dripping of my forehead?
And at those times, I can easily give up.

Sometimes we find ourselves spending more time and energy in seeking motivation than in performing the actual act.
Silly, isn’t it?

Do you feel like you need motivation to do something? (getting out of bed, going to the gym or work)

Or do you prefer to “Just do it”?

Do “motivational quotes” or “before & after pictures” motivate you?

In the end I decided to shut down my brain and just go to the gym.
I figured that I would basically do the same there as I would do at home (listen to my audiobook or music).
And afterwards I even got some inspiration to draw sport doodles 😀


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  1. “Even when I have to do something I really hate, I don’t allow myself time to think about it.
    If I don’t do that, I can be an overthinker.” This is wisdom. I feel the same way. I “just do it,” most of the time because it will save me time and it will get me to do something. If I postpone things, chances are my smart brain will come up with all the excuses in the world as to why I shouldn’t do something.

    However, I do believe in listening to your body. Sometimes I choose not to do something because I know I am exhausted (mentally or physically) and doing something else will put me over the edge. But there is a fine line between that and staying on the couch for all eternity watching Netflix (not that I do, but you get the point).

    Your yoga doodles made me chuckle.


    1. Postponing actually also makes me stressed.
      I know that I have to do it at one point and I can’t relax until it’s over. And that’s even worse than just get on with it.

      I agree! And today I listened to my body.
      Yesterday I was just feeling lazy, but today my body actually hurts (nothing serious), so I decided not to go to the gym and do some easy yoga at home.

      But I do find the signals of my body contradicting. Even though I sometimes feel to tired to workout, I do feel better after the work out.
      So what does the body want?

      Heheh. Jasper joked that the drawing was based on him, while we all know he is probably the least flexible person on earth 😀 Are you flexible?

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  2. Motivation for me is just having a good reason why. If I want to do something for a reason that’s meaningful to me, then I do it. I sort of have the opposite problem – I get so stuck in feeling compelled to do all the things that I struggle to stop, rest, accept that it isn’t neccessary etc.


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