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How to make someone’s day

I once had this older man in my class. The first panic attack came when he found out the course would be in English, something he struggled with. Then, when I said there would be an exam of 10 questions, he started shaking. ‘Is anyone nervous for test?’, I asked, in […]

Children’s Poem: Royal-Tea

One of my happiest childhood memories is when my parents would read me something to fall asleep with. I didn’t like stories much, but loved poems. Here is my attempt for a Chrildren’s poem about a king names Royal-Tea 🙂 Did you like when your parents would read you a […]

Do men also need a hashtag?

‘My wife, when she had the baby, she basically left business’, he said. ‘My wife never worked’, the other man responds. ‘Wouldn’t that be something, to just drop out and kick back at home’. He stared in the distance, then turned cynical. ‘I should be able to retire by the time I […]